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A Media Partnership Bringing An Evolving Media Marketplace & The Music Industry Together

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Direct Mail

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Digital & Mobile




Search Marketing

Fixed Targeting (Geo/Device/Channel)

Behavioral Targeting (Context/Audience)



Web/App Engagement

DSP/DMP Trading Desk Management

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Contextual Marketing

Influencer Dissemination

Context Distribution 

Experience Development

Programmatic Direct

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Technology / Data




Data Centralization

Data Enhancement

Wifi/Bluetooth/iBeacon Development

Consumer Intelligence

Brand/Campaign Performance Surveys

Brand Safety/Delivery Verification

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Process For Success

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Media Landscape Review

Concrete.Fearless remaps internal thinking around media technology, media/data tools, measurement platforms, and exchange/network solutions regularly to ensure an innovative approach to all media processes.


Client Objective Review

Concrete.Fearless reviews all client objectives, then develops a tactical approaches to all KPIs within frame of defined strategic perspective.



Concrete.Fearless is dependent on a collaborative media process, and shares all media planning thoughts, direction, and updates through constant communication.


Plan Development

Concrete.Fearless develops a tailored and individualized package of media plans/services/deliverables against all plan requirements.


Test-And-Learn Execution

Concrete.Fearless leverages aggressive optimization processes to all media plan executions to dynamic media plans that are responsive to KPI performance.


Data Centralization

Concrete.Fearless utilizes data centralization processes to ensure all cross-channel media delivery is measured and analyzed with the objective of generating actionable insight to further enhance media planning.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][expose_section_title colour=”#000000″]

Value Proposition

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  • Collectively, this partnership brings together for the first time over 75 years of experience in the music and media industries.
  • An explicit understanding of expectations, benchmarks, and Most Unexceptional practices ensures optimal value for all clients.
  • In a constantly evolving technological world, it’s time for the music industry to advertise in a way that leverages the available technology and consumption behavior of it’s target audience.

What was roughly a 50/50 split between current and catalog music is now a 30/70 split. Put another way, as purchases fall and streaming activity increases, current music is losing market share to catalog music. Using Nielsen’s numbers, it’s clear catalog music is getting twice the streaming gains as current music.

These trends could have real world consequences. Breaking a new artist or recouping on a new album isn’t easy. With streaming playing a larger role, and with catalog now so dominant in streaming, new music will get shoved aside in favor of older, more familiar music. It can be seen in the playlists created by subscription services. While many playlists feature either entirely or mostly new music, many other playlists are dominated by catalog tracks.

-Glenn Peoples (Billboard.com) 1/7/16

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Value Proposition cont.

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Offices in NY, etc., etc.

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Collective team of 20+ talented individuals

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Unique understanding of music, entertainment, and media

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Experience managing campaigns leveraging new and evolving technologies…

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Stu Dinetz, The President of SJD MEDIA has over 30 years of media experience, having spent his whole career in New York City. Upon graduating from the University of Arizona in 1983 he worked his way up the broadcasting ladder by holding executive sales positions at WABC-AM, WHN-AM, WAPP-FM, WQHT-FM, WHTZ-FM and WAXQ-FM. In addition, he ran the NYC office for Nextmedia Outdoor. Through the years of working in the media industry, his knowledge and relationships have created the foundation for running his highly successful agency, SJD MEDIA, which he opened in 1999. When he’s not working, he gets his creative strength by spending some time with his two sons and working out at the gym.

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Robert is a seasoned media professional with over 20 years of domestic and international experience. At Fearless Robert is responsible for leading the media strategy for the company and its clients.

Before joining Fearless, Robert was the Director of International Broadcast Services for Yahoo!, where he developed and implemented the Internet broadcast business model in 24 countries outside the United States. Prior to Yahoo!, Robert was Senior Director of Sales and Marketing Technology for Broadcast.com whereupon he developed the sales strategies and revenue models, which eventually lead to a groundbreaking IPO, in addition to constructing the sales forces for the three major departments inherent to Broadcast.com’s business.

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Bob Chiappardi is the founder and CEO of Concrete Marketing, a leading independent lifestyle marketing company in the music industry.
Using innovative programs that have revolutionized music marketing, Bob and Concrete assisted in the promotional needs of rock giants, such as Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne and Guns N Roses. These innovative capabilities are why the company has been sought out by non-music related entities, such as HBO, Mattel, Lionsgate Films, Warner Bros Pictures, Mountain Dew, Showtime, Rolling Rock and Microsoft.

Bob has also been involved in numerous media campaigns for such artists asAdele, Michael Buble, Eminem, Warped Tour, Linkin Park and Foo Fighters.

He has also served as executive producer on two Grammy-nominated albums, as well as a host of soundtracks and compilations.

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Heather Eichenbaum

National Account Director

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Justin Rudolph

Media Strategy

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Ruby Ban

Media Buying and Strategy

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Mike Stefanski

Reporting and Analysis

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Iain Head


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Robert McMahon


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Zoe Li


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Divya Ram


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Kyle Radzyminski


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